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Grid-Tied Solar

Grid-Tied systems are very simple, they use the grids electricity at night when the sun is down. During the day you use the electricity generated from the modules to run loads in your home and any surplus energy is sold to the utility grid at the same rate they sell it to you. There is no need for batteries in these types of systems!

Step 1 - Collecting information, EEC will need to determine your electricity consumption for the year so we can design a appropriately sized system. A copy of your energy bill will usually have a chart like the following:

step 2 - Once we have figured out your electricity consumption for the year we can send you an estimate of a system to produce that much electricity in a year.


  • The average Albertan home uses 7,200 kWh/yr.
  • This would require a 6.5 KW system which will produce an estimated 7,632 kWh/yr. (Factors:180 azimuth, 23 degree roof, Based on Edmonton Weather)
  • A 6.5 KW system will cost you roughly $19,500.
  • This system would be eligible for a $4,875 rebate which will lower the cost of the system to the client.

This is only an example, everyone uses varying amounts of electricity. Please contact EEC if you interested in having a rough estimate for your home completed. We will come to your home & do a site analysis.